Venus Blue

Venus Blue  second version.

Painted May 1997 in Miami Beach 

Acrylic on canvas 22 x 28" (56 x 71 cm)
Private collection, Italy.


The woman who posed for this version of Venus Blue, later became the owner of the painting "Ohio Blue Matches" which inspired these paintings by giving me the confidence to mimic space and to make images with matchsticks. 

Venus Blue  First version.

Acrylic on canvas 14x 14" (36 x 36cm)
 Painted April 1997 in Miami Beach

Wayne Mello Private Collection




Title: Venus in red
Completed June 2001, in France.
39 x 39 Inches (100 x 100 cm)
Acrylic on linen
 Private collection, USA.


A few days after completion, I rushed to exhibit this piece (Venus Red, above) in a local art show, the "2ème salon des peintres en pays d'Evreux".  I did brake the car on a rainy road while carrying the piece, at about 45 miles from my studio, but if was for a just cause: At the issue of the week end, the jury gave me the first price "Composition Figurative" for this piece.

Although I did appreciated to get wonderful flowers and coupons for free hotels and restaurants, and a nice award paper that I can frame, I was most pleased to discover that my art was this: Composition Figurative...For a long time I was at loss as to describe the style of my painting, and now, I know: composition figurative.

I am more serene now, having gotten the right words. How that translate in English?     Pierre July 23 2001


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From:   Kenny
Composition Figurative, sounds very imaginative. It's like your paintings are not literal translations of feeling, but flexible. To each his own interpretation perhaps.

Posted by Gin Sims on July 31, 01

(Venus blue 1 and 2) both are lovely and very "moody"...I personally liked version 2 the best. it being more mono-chromatic made it more visually pleasing. But, i liked Venus in Red the most. incredible the way such straight and stiff objects such as matches could be used to form such a beautiful round form!!! very nice work!!! i truly enjoy your work and wish i painted better than i do!!! (photograpy is my main art medium and I am trying to incorporate the two mediums which is difficult.) thanks for giving my eyes and my spirit some beauty tonight!!!! what a blessing!!! ginny


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