The Orchard :  January 25, 2003 :  " women and the four seasons of love"  Study 2

 study Two, for the series women and roses

the painting for wich I did the studies presented in this page

See the final painting

See the study 1, finalized the day before,  January 24, 2003.

women and roses, the four season of love. Study 2.
Acrylic on canvas, ,  January 25, 2003, Saint Clair sur Epte, France.

The studies 1 and 2 for "roses and four season of love"
(see the final painting  January 22, 2003)
When I start a painting that present some difficulties, (here, lips) I often brush up some smaller size canvas, working around details where my skills are unsure.


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(January 24, 2003)

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