En février,  les peintures de mon verger :  10 février 2002  


 small exercice apple tree in the snow.lepommier.net


Verger des Alpes Etude N° 2
Pierre Marcel. Fevrier 2002,  Saint Bon Courchevel, France.
Acrylique sur toile  
33 x 19 cm

Carnet de notes:
la fonte des neiges...  Pas mal de commentaires en anglais :

orchard view from the chalet.I'm wondering why snow melts under the trees before it melts anywhere else.  Any idea?

suggestions will be posted bellow




 ....our hearts melt , as snow under the trees.   (their canopies  limbs like arms   strong and far reaching encircle us beneath an umbrella of love bringing forth    signs of life)   in the dead of winter. 
I know this is no answer to that question but what would one expect from an American artist in Miami other than further food for thought. peace to all.
Enclosed are two photos from a series I completed in early February for a show i had in Salt Lake City last week. 



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