The Orchard :   February 10 , 2003  The painting Pierre completed on this date:




Heart de lion
Pierre Marcel. February 2003,  Saint Clair Sur Epte, France.
Acrylic on canvas
x 97 cm   (38 x 38 inches)  (Pierre Marcel Gallery, Miami Beach)

A month of February with no ski vacations, (see the paintings done last year at the same period) although the snow is perfect. (Irak situation is not ripe for celebration)  Looking around, dandelions are starting to point above the ground. I learned last year that they will be soon  the first flowers to grace our gutters, sidewalks and gardens. I picked up a plant with its roots, fixed it in a jarre with murky water, let that sit in my car, and in a matter of days I obtained the puffy snowball painted here.



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