Les peintures de mon verger. le 3 février 2003 :

2 février 2002


in the woods, at night, a luminous heart announce Spring.


the woods, a desire for Spring
Commissioned by Wayne Mello, Boston.
Acrylic on canvas, 23 x 61 cm, February 03, 2002, Saint Clair sur Epte, France..

Carnet de notes :
The first study was done two years ago:  Later on, I attempted other interpretations: See another essay on this concept (trees awaiting for love)
Fortunately, my friend and art-collector Wayne Mello encouraged me to work further on this motif.
The painting completed today, convey well the feeling of one's awaiting for encountering love. In the secrecy of a late-winter night, a heart-shaped announcement of Spring glows in the woods.
I am sure however that each painting is perceived differently by their collectors, I am just telling you what was my state of mind while painting this Valentine's series, a project that delightfully occupy my winters, years after years.


 Voir le jour d'avant, en 2002  
(2 février 2002)




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